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Special offers available here :

 To access my FULL Rhino 3D video tutorials


You will find video tutorials of Rhino 3D  that i've compiled over 20 years of using Rhino 3D.


 From 2012 to 2021 I have been teaching at a school of design named UQAM , University of Quebec in Montreal , at a Masters degree to students who wanted to specialize in product and transportation design. 

In addition to that, I work in the aerospace industry for the past 25 years working on business aircraft at Bombardier Aviation.

I managed, over the years, to put together a complete package that covers all that is required to get anyone comfortable with Rhinoceros 3D in just a few weeks.

These videos are available for streaming for as long as you want.

Thank you and best regards,

Alexandre Galin

B. ID.

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